Meeting minutes from 7/26/18

Diana L, Olathe North Scholarship recipient, Steve Menke, Olathe Police Chief, and Grace with Wal-Mart Health and Wellness all joined us for lunch and to talk.

Scholarship recipient Diana Langett will be attending Duke University majoring in Biology or Bio-Medical Engineering. She heard about our scholarship through the Olathe Medical Society and from volunteering at our Health Fair.

Steve Menke has been with the department 31 years. 10 Years as Police Chief. Talked about different benchmarks as to response times, crime, and traffic crashes. Olathe is the 10th safest city in the US of cities with populations of 100k or more. There is new records system going into place. 100% paperless. 18 agencies use it. Many more are coming online in the coming months and years. The system will be integrated with other cities and agencies. Olathe added a 2nd full time Mental Health Co-responder. Will be funded by Olathe Medical for 3-5 years. UAS Program-Drones. The Olathe Police Dept. has 3. 8 officers trained to fly per FFA regulations. Flight time is typically 45 minutes.